IT jobs with relocation to the Netherlands

IT jobs in the Netherlands with relocation is a unique opportunity to get an experience of your lifetime: you will immediately find yourself embraced with the spirit of freedom, strong sense that everything is possible (IT job market in the EU will pleasantly surprise you) and feel completely charmed with one of the fascinating countries in the EU. The “Nation of travelers” offers something special for everyone:

  • Visionary architecture and great art legacy;

  • Fields of blooming colors, illuminated canal life, and world-known windmills;

  • Great quality of life, favorable software engineer salary, great variety of IT jobs and awesome work life balance, consistently being in the top 10 of the world's happiest nations and taking up the 6th best place for relocation in the world.

Tech positions for developers here give much more than IT job abroad,  companies, we are working with as IT recruiting agency, provide support in job relocation(visa sponsorship etc.) to the Netherlands, taking care of you as a person and professional on this important stage in your life.


Front-end Developer

Smart lock technology startup offers a wireless, cloud-based keyless access management solution. Since 2013, an Amsterdam-based squad of 20 innovators is determined to enhance their solution by putting security, stability, and scalability at the heart of the services. Their approach made them true game changers: mechanical keys no more than a remnant of the past. On the other hand, what else could you expect from the driven squad of experts, who embrace the world with the pride in their profession, sharpness of the thought and innovative vision? Open and а well-knit team of developers from Brazil to China welcomes you. Join them and create the future of Internet of Things together.

  • angular
  • react
  • flux
  • xhtml
  • css
  • html
  • php

Linux Developer

The company is an outstanding cluster management software provider, helping to reduce the costs, simplify the process and a powerful tool of productivity increase. The decades of accumulated experience in this field allowed it to develop own philosophy: to ensure the best service possible, as well as provision of consistent user support throughout the cluster creation process. No surprise, that they have become the choice of such world known organizations as Boeing and Intel, NASA and Stanford University, the Tokyo Institute of Technology and many others.

  • linux distributions
  • cpu architectures
  • python
  • sed
  • awk

Front-end Developer

The company develops and supports the software for clusters management and for managing and using clouds. The company head office is located in USA, California and the Europe head office is located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Being on the market for more than a decade, the company offers software products for different industries and has a set of enterprise solutions. Nvidia, Intel, Syracuse University and many others are among their clients.

  • javascript
  • angularjs
  • jquery
  • rest api
  • html
  • css
  • node.js

PHP Developer

The company is the largest Dutch hosting provider, included in the top 20 world's leading global Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers.They have followed everlasting Lewis Carroll's words “ Here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” with great dedication and has focused on R&D and adoption of the most cutting-edge technology since the very birth in 1997. Their state-of-art network, great values and extensive expertise has attracted such companies as Starbucks, WIX, Heineken and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and helped them to minimize their IT expenses, foster growth and advance their aspirations. Having more than 60,000 servers, hosted in centers across all over the world, this company truly has no limit and is a deeply interesting one to be part of. Complex project, that will unveil your creativity and enhance your talents, supportive and proactive team await for your open mind and fantastic problem solving skills.

  • php
  • mysql
  • nosql
  • mvc; symfony
  • symfony2
  • zend

Performance Tester

“The ones, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do” guides this company since 1980. Great drive to innovate, meet the needs of the modern consumer and stay ahead of the commerce market is embodied in its products. They enhance the communications payment process between customers and merchants. Sharp data analytics, fraud prevention solutions, and expertise has won 65K merchants across 5 continents and 170 countries. Join the vibrant and perspective team of 7000 experts, driven by passion and opportunity to shape the world of tomorrow in one of the most challenging industries.

  • performance testing
  • loadrunner
  • jmeter
  • load testing
  • apache tomcat
  • web logic

Java Back-end Developer

Dutch based telecom provider of mobile communication platforms with more than 8 years of experience in messaging and VoIP. The core business is to develop communication and social media apps to mobile operators and media companies. Currently the main project is to develop an innovative B2B communication platform for companies all over the world. This messenger will be a new version of the company’s previous app for calling and messaging with more than 150 million users worldwide.

  • java
  • spring
  • oop
  • sql
  • nosql
  • distributed systems

Senior iOS Developer

We’re a leading company in the communication service industry and the biggest telecommunication provider in Switzerland that brings users closer to each other through a secure and super functional iOS communication platforms.

  • ios
  • objectivec
  • swift
  • xmpp
  • unit tests
  • multithreading
  • git
  • ci


World's top competitive online broker company has offered an interesting alternative for all types of European investors to the world market. Whether you are a private or professional investor, interested in fractional trading or anything else, Australian, Japanese or Hong Kong's markets or other ones, this state-of-art platform is a great solution. The company takes pride in its` successful operation in more than 17 countries, 80% lower than contenders competitive commissions and innovative development. Offices in Sofia, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong will make you part of the huge international family, open your horizons and create a challenging but utterly amazing place to work in. Work with the best in the industry.

  • mysql
  • dba
  • linux

Senior iOS developer

“People with great passion make impossible things happen” and if to trust this quote this online auction platform is doing the impossible on the daily basis. 8 years of history has proved to be successful and allowed it to accumulate the team of 400 driven professionals and achieve global brand representation across all Europe, what proves to be just a very beginning. Beyond giving more than 13 million users a month access to the great variety of special subjects, it has accumulated some exceptional treasures from the vintage cars and world-class art to meteorites and skeletons of great historical value, what allows them to sell more than 35,000 pieces a week. It proved to be world’s 1st most rapidly developing technology companies in 2015, attracting more than €70 million of investment, turning it into the most-invested and promising startup in the Netherlands. Contribute with your sharp talent and sound expertise to this strong and bright team and make another list of impossibles possible together.

  • objective-c
  • swift
  • a/b testing
  • memory management
  • sketch
  • ui

Senior BI Developer

We’re a dynamically growing company, that creates safety solutions for oil, gas and petrochemical companies. The systems and technologies that we offer are all unique and fit for the future needs and requirements. All our solutions are innovative and consumer-oriented - we do our best to help our clients build the right knowledge about safety and protection. Being a leading company in the Netherlands, we work with big clients, well-known in the whole world. Shell, BP, Axe, Qatar Petroleum are just a few examples of the clientele we work with, and we work with the best.

  • bi
  • jaspersoft
  • c#
  • etl
  • olap