C++ jobs for developers with relocation

According to Compass survey, excellent knowledge of C++ can pay off for software developers more than any other language or skill. That`s why IT jobs in EU, specifically C++ job market is full of promises and opportunities for talented C++ developers. Dynamic companies, understanding the pricelessness of true talent, are constantly creating reasons for C++ software developers to undertake IT relocation, by giving them more than tech position but rather:

  • an enriching and challenging experience, encouraging growth and development;

  • opportunity to work with fantastic masterminds in dynamic environment;

  • make use of excellent work life balance and favourable software engineer salary;

  • Support in your job relocation (visa sponsorship etc.)

  • participation tech hackathons, IT conferences.

IT jobs abroad offer a whole world of opportunities, worth using.


C++ Developer

The company is an outstanding cluster management software provider, helping to reduce the costs, simplify the process and a powerful tool of productivity increase. The decades of accumulated experience in this field allowed it to develop own philosophy: to ensure the best service possible, as well as provision of consistent user support throughout the cluster creation process. No surprise, that they have become the choice of such world known organizations as Boeing and Intel, NASA and Stanford University, the Tokyo Institute of Technology and many others.

  • c++
  • concurrency
  • ood
  • design patterns
  • linux
  • javascript
  • hadoop
  • spark

Senior Software Engineer C++

An international company headquartered in Eindhoven which delivers top-notch software services for automation navigation. All the products that we create are essential for building digital navigation maps. Holding the leading positions on the Dutch market, we make sure to deliver a secure software solution that would contribute to automation navigation industry and bring high functionality to digital maps. We provide our products worldwide for the best automotive companies, like Volkswagen and BMW.

  • c++
  • linux
  • algorithms
  • iot
  • deep learning