Java jobs for developers with relocation

A talented Java developer is a great treasure, that`s why IT jobs in Europe are so full of opportunity for programming jobs and, specifically, Java jobs choice is very broad. Due to globalization and greater demand for experts, IT jobs abroad are very diversified -- many companies offer IT relocation support (often including visa sponsorship) for  talented software engineers, considering their Java positions. Moreover, they offer:

  • Competitive software engineer salary and interesting bonuses system;

  • flexible hours and educational opportunities;

  • Tech positions, that allow to re-discover and actualize your potential.

Relocation is a right step for developers to find passion and happiness in doing what you love in the heart of EU.

Back-end Engineer - Search

This young Berlin-based startup broke into the tech world with its awesome phоtо shаring аpp (now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phоne) in 2011 and soon has been referred to as ’Eurоpе’s Instаgram’. But always aimed high, this company isn’t going to play second fiddle and does it best to build its own, internationally recognized ‘name’. $24M have been already raised in just 5 years and it tirelessly continues building and improving its top-notch platform enabling phоtоgraphers of all abilities to shаre, sell, intеrаct, and lеаrn more about taking pictures on any device. Striving to organize the world’s photos in the best way, the company uses artificial intelligence technology to crоwdsоurce and curаtе hіgh-quality, original phоtоgraphy for lеаding brаnds, agencies and private people as well. Currently, its magnificent cоllеctіon includes about 80 mіllіоn іmаgеs from 18 mіllіоn phоtоgraphers from all cultures and corners of the world

  • java
  • scala
  • python
  • lucene
  • solr
  • elasticsearch

Senior Java developer

This company is a technology and software development provider, that offers services in the B2B sector and is successfully leading German and European markets. They support clients in the variety of ways: starting from consultancy services to advancement and running of Web applications. But what makes them special? Deep respect and appreciation of the human talent, skill and capacity are a vital part of the company culture, as they inspire and empower growth and development of potential in their employees.

  • java 8
  • spring boot
  • mvc
  • hibernate
  • git

Senior Java Developer

This company is the one of the world's dominant providers of original in-store customer solutions, that invests its endless creativity, ingenuity, and technology in the transformation of the customer experience into something bigger. They help world`s most successful brands to personalize their content, give it an unbelievable depth of the detail and develop great demonstration packages, that provide a customer with better information for effective solutions and happiness and, on the other hand, allows companies to maximise their sales and create a loyal client base.

  • java se 8
  • java ee 7
  • spring
  • jboss
  • oracle db
  • nosql

Senior Java Back-end Developer (Trading Software)

Our company is the leading Dutch hedge fund that effectively combines advanced trading environment of a trading desk and algorithms trading. According to Bloomberg, we’ve took the leading positions in the world market and become a successful hedge fund platform for more than 1000 clients, and this amount is only growing.

  • java
  • spring
  • hibernate
  • sql
  • network protocols
  • unit testing
  • ood