JavaScript jobs for developers with relocation

JavaScript developer job market with relocation is expanding rapidly and JavaScript jobs offer more and more interesting challenges and opportunities for software developers. If you care about your professional growth and career opportunities, IT jobs abroad and especially IT jobs in Europe can totally offer you that.

  Many companies offer support in IT relocation (including visa sponsorship etc.) and tech positions offer a lot. Software engineer`s entrance into IT jobs market in EU will allow to:

  • find the position in the company, that will reflect your values, challenge you;

  • enjoy great variety of hackathons, IT conferences and other educational events that will expand the area of expertise you need for programming jobs ;

  • use an opportunity to get the feel of what the world without borders feels like by travelling and exploring without a limit;

Explore job opportunities for JavaScript developers in Europe and find your perfect IT job in the company of your dreams!



Senior Back-end Developer (node.js)

Being established in 2013, this Dutch middle-sized company is rapidly growing and has already raised almost $700k to turn their big ideas into cutting edge smart shopping solutions. Its highly skilled and passionate team is currently working on development of both a free browser add-on and a mobile app that enable you to make your purchases faster, cheaper and safer. Giving its consumers instant price comparison, personalised offers from stores along with safety warnings on fake shops, the company is striving to make its innovative solutions a new shopping standard for Europe and improve everyone's online shopping experience as well.

  • node.js
  • express.js
  • coffeescript
  • mongodb

Senior Front-end Developer

Some companies give full-time jobs, other companies give full-time passions. And if you ask us how does the company, that values human being above all, looks like, here it is.. This company is a technology and software development provider, that offers services in the B2B sector and is successfully leading German and European markets. They support clients in the variety of ways: starting from consultancy services to advancement and running of Web applications. But what makes them special? Deep respect and appreciation of the human talent, skill and capacity is vital part of the company culture, as they inspire and empower growth and development of potential in their employees.

  • angularjs
  • css
  • sass
  • a/b testing
  • karma

JavaScript Web Developer

This company is one of the world's dominant providers of original in-store customer solutions, that invests its endless creativity, ingenuity and technology in transformation of the customer experience into something bigger. They help world`s most successful brands to personalize their content, give it unbelievable depth of the detail and develop great demonstration packages, that provide customers with better information for effective solutions and happiness and, on the other hand, allows companies to maximise their sales and create a loyal client base.

  • javascript
  • html5
  • css
  • react
  • web apis
  • oop
  • spa

Software Developer (Browser Extension / JavaScript)

Our newly established team is looking for a talented Senior Software Developer, who would join the company and start implement reliable security solutions for the browser. Right from the start we expect you to prove to be a hard-working developer, who would seriously take on the tasks and do his/her best in order to push forward the product. To do so, you will have all the needed tools and platforms so that your security solutions are smart, effective and user-friendly.

  • javascript
  • extensions
  • coffeescript
  • node.js
  • jasmine
  • tdd

Front-end Developer

Our company is the leading Dutch hedge fund that effectively combines advanced trading environment of a trading desk and algorithms trading. According to Bloomberg, we’ve took the leading positions in the world market and become a successful hedge fund platform for more than 1000 clients, and this amount is only growing.

  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • bootstrap
  • restful