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5 Tech Companies In Rotterdam To Get Hired As A Foreigner

Want to work and live in the Netherlands? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of companies that offer IT jobs with relocation to Rotterdam. You are welcome to check, compare and make the final decision. Moreover, here you will find projects from different industries, but they are all united by a common goal—to make the world and the lives of their customers better and attract the best talents for this, of course.


Paradoxically, this company is committed to helping those who are interested in finding a job. Founded over 20 years ago, Coolblue is a trusted human resource partner. At the moment, the company has lots of open tech job vacancies in Rotterdam—ranging from Front-end Developer to Technical Team Lead.


This company grew and developed very quickly—it was founded only 6 years ago, and its initiators were four young people. At the moment, a small startup has become one of the leading European e-commerce platforms with more than 200 people from different countries on board. In its approaches, the company masterfully integrates technology, marketing, and printing into one strong system and invites talented professionals to join their team. Right now, the company has one open DevOps Engineer position in Rotterdam.


This is a breakthrough company that considers everyone who wants to make a contribution to the development of a smarter world to be the creator. Mendix develops applications and considers each of its employees the center of the universe. There is everything to ensure that every talent is revealed—starting from a decent level of wages and ending with the general adoption and implementation of the concept of happiness for each employee. Moreover, the company is open to relocating talent. At the moment, it has lots of open software engineering positions—and not only in Rotterdam but also around the world.


This is another company that develops solutions for a faster, more convenient and efficient search for human resources—and it also needs its own IT specialists to maintain the created technological solutions at a high level. The company has more than ten thousand customers, including giants such as Philips and Coca-Cola. Want to be part of this team? Then take a moment to explore the list of available position positions for graphic designers, PHP developers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, to name but a few.

Housing Anywhere

This company is developing its own solutions for the real estate market. Its mission is to provide each user with access to the necessary information about the search, selection, rental, and purchase of housing anywhere on the planet. In addition, this company is very focused on finding talent abroad—at the moment, 90t specialists from 30 different countries work here. Seize the opportunity to join them—the company currently has Rotterdam-based positions for front-end developers, team leads, and UX designers.


It is possible that already now one of the companies and active vacancies has attracted your attention. However, remember that the process of finding the most suitable IT jobs in Europe and relocating takes place in several stages, and it is always wise to have professional support at each of them. Have a look at the complete list of available job openings in the Netherlands and get in touch with our IT recruitment agency if any of them seems promising to you.

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