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Life hacks for software developers: how to find a job with relocation to Europe

Ahead of the 4th anniversary of and taken part in the successful relocation of over 130 developers and their families from across the globe, we decided to present a special guide to sources. This guide will surely come in handy for those who are seriously thinking about an IT job abroad.

Generally, a job search is what we start with planning our relocation to another country. Having many years’ experience in this field, we are happy to share with you some tried-and-true resources. They can be extremely helpful in terms of finding Tech Companies in Europe that are ready to hire talents globally along with providing relocation process support.


Tech Job Boards


LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is an easy-to-use job search tool that always offers a great variety of software developer positions in Europe.

Use LinkedIn Job Search typing keywords such as “relocate”, “relocation”, “visa support” and choose the country you are willing to relocate to (e.g. Sweden).

Relocation Sweden

97 relocation jobs

You may also narrow your search results down by adding your prior technology (e.g. Java). Besides, it is worth using “Job Function” as a filter to select non-tech positions. Choose “Information Technology” and “Engineering function”.

13 Java Relocation jobs


LinkedIn Alumni Tool

Another way is to discover the companies hiring graduates of the University where you used to study.

You will probably ask how to do it? You can check where the graduates of your University are currently working by following this link.

Choose one of the countries you’re interested in.

where they live

Specify the relative Job Type in section “What they do” marking “Information Technology” and “Engineering“.

What they do

Thereby you will see the list of the companies in the “Where they work” section and how many graduates work for these companies.

First of all, there will be shown the top employers that hire graduates from your University. You can contact them and get more details about the company, aspects of living in a certain country and discuss the mutual lecturers as well:) Furthermore, the expats can recommend you to the company where they work. References are highly valued by today’s employers and boost your chances of getting hired.


Expat Communities

You might be confused but there is a high possibility that such communities have a job section as well as useful content for those who have already moved. We suggest looking through a few websites where you will definitely find vacancies for candidates from all over the world:

Beyond that, there is a plenty of expat groups on Facebook where you can also come across various job openings in Europe as well as get some valuable information or a piece of advice from other emigrants who are already employed. Here are a couple of such groups:


Recruitment Agencies

Nowadays, lots of Tech Companies tend to rely on international recruitment agencies when it comes to sourcing software developers globally. The agencies are able to give you extensive information about all aspects of the relocation to a particular country, specify a relocation package provided by your prospective employer as well as help prepare all necessary documents for moving.


Finally, be prepared with the right data on the cost of living, rental prices, taxation rates, etc. before you go.


And on top of that, be persuasive, strong and keep going! In that regard, I’d like to highlight a piece of advice given by Andrei Ianovskii, our wonderful friend and fantastic candidate from Russia who successfully relocated to London almost 2 years ago:

Day by day, I was tirelessly looking through dozens of websites of interesting agencies to find that special company, hiring IT talents worldwide. In the end, I have sent approximately 450 resumes to various European and American tech companies in less than a year, writing down their names not to be messed up. It was a truly long journey… I should say that over half of my applications didn’t get any feedback. About 20 companies invited me for a Skype interview, I did 5 test tasks, got rejected twice, 2 of them went missing and one of the companies offered to remind about myself one year later.

Going through all that, what advice can I give you? First of all, don’t give up trying! If you see job description in German, send your CV anyway. Vacancy in Poland available in English? Apply for it too! Netherlands? Why not? If there is no response from a company, send your resume again!”

You can read the rest of the story here.

Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities! Don’t stop searching and you will find a job you are dreaming about!

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