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New office of RelocateMe

At last, I’m happy to announce that Relocate Me has got a new office. We tried to focus on the details and emphasise atmosphere of the growing company with a spacious office (where each of the employees has got his/her own place but is not limited to choose any other place in the office to work at).

I will not conceal that our office is divided into two camps. Not iOS and Android followers, no. But tea and coffee lovers 🙂 On a whole, there are more of those who prefer to drink coffee. However, when it comes to tea, we usually have a proper tea ceremony. You can always find Pu-ere, Maofeng, Shuǐ Xiǎn, etc.

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We also collect our own library with such books as Rework by 37 signals, The Zappos Family culture Book, “Smart and get things done” by Joel Spolsky, “Google Resume” by Gayle Laakmann McDowell, “Predictable revenue” by Aaron Ross etc.

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We believe that potential of Relocate Me will be unlocked even more in a new office and we will see way more pleased clients and candidates.

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Our team is happy to deliver “Human-oriented service”.

Andrew Stetsenko Tech Talents Relocation

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