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Relocation guide to the Netherlands. A few more hints


We were trying to make your relocation guide to the Netherlands as much comfortable as possible. Now you know how to search for a new apartment. If you relocate with a family – you know how to choose the best place for playing and learning for your children. Now you will get your 30% ruling with all benefits. And you know what to do with a health insurance.

Now it is time to have some relax and plan how will you spend a free time. For example, in here you may find the most useful meetings and conferences in the Netherlands. In this short conclusion, we will take a short overview of the few more issues about relocation to a new job place abroad.


Tuberculosis checking


In relation to your residence permit, if such is required for you, you and your family must also be prepared to undergo a tuberculosis check. Citizens of the following countries do not need to be tested: EU member states, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Surinam, Switzerland, the USA, and Vatican City.


Driver’s License


In certain cases, the driver’s license that you obtained outside the Netherlands can be exchanged for a Dutch driver’s License. This is possible only if you are a resident of the Netherlands and hold a valid residence permit.

Most EU driver’s licenses can be exchanged, as can license from the several other countries. Driver’s licenses from the USA cannot be exchanged unless you qualify for 30% Facility tax relief. If you do fall in that latter group, you should exchange your driver’s license within six months of your arrival in the Netherlands.

Driver’s licenses can be exchanged at the town or in the ExpatCenter hall. You should bring your foreign driver’s license and a passport photograph. International driver’s licenses are simply legalized translations of foreign national driver’s licenses. It is not possible to exchange an international driver’s license.

To be eligible for exchange, a driver’s license that was issued outside the Netherlands must be valid at the time you make the application. A driver’s license that was issued in a non-EU/ EES country must also have been issued in a year in which the applicant was a resident in the country of issue for at least 185 days.

If your driver’s license cannot be exchanged, you must take a regular theory and practical test at the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR).


Expat Services


The Expat Center is a joint initiative of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), and the City of Amsterdam and Amstelveen. The idea behind it is to simplify the processes and applications that expats need to go through.

If you live in Amsterdam, this is the place where you will be taken to collect your residence permits, complete your municipal registration procedure and apply for a BSN number. All in a single visit to the ExpatCenter.

The ExpatCenter also provides help with other government and expat related issues such as parking, taxes, healthcare, education and much more.

The ExpatCener is conveniently located in the World Trade Center (in a proximity to the Atrium building where our offices are). Below please find the ExpatCenter’s contact details.


World Trade Center Amsterdam


Strawinsylaan 39 (2nd floor)

1077 XW Amsterdam


Phone: +31(0)20 254 7999

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