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Relocation guide to the Netherlands. Living arrangements

You get it done – a promising tech position in the Netherlands has been found, a job offer has been signed, your visa application is being processed. Now it’s time for relocation preparations.
Relocation is life-changing experience. You are going to build a new life outside your comfort zone, among unknown people, culture and language. RelocateMe has decided to create a series of articles to help you meet the relocation challenges. This part is devoted to one of the hottest issues when moving abroad – living arrangements.


Temporary ‘Company apartment’


It always takes much time, effort and energy to get situated in a new country. To help you make this relocation process smoother, some companies provide expats with a temporary accommodation at their expense. As a rule, these apartments are located nearby the company’s office. Depending on the size of the apartments, whether you come alone or with a partner and/or children, you may have to share your accommodation with one or two colleagues.


Finding an apartment


Finding a house for rent is one of the issues that is worth studying as soon as you’ve decided to move to the Netherlands. It will probably take some time before you find something you’re happy with. Therefore, before you come to the Netherlands, you have to estimate how much money you’re able to spend and what your minimum requirements are. To save your time you’d better choose your new home near the workplace. To save your money – it’s rather to turn your attention to commuting town for a living. You won’t have commute troubles as the Holland has an excellent public transportation system. Most areas are easily accessible by buses, trams, trains, etc. Moreover, awareness of the exact financial frame within which you need to stay could also save much of your time.


Browse the web



Browsing the web could give you an idea of what kind of apartments and on what prices you will see after coming there. Nowadays, many websites offer apartment listing, but you must be careful as some agents are not reliable.

Here’s a list of the most popular websites that can help you in your search:


Real Estate Agency


If you don’t have time to do your search on your own or you aren’t certain where to start from, appeal to a real estate agency. The real estate agency will help you find an accommodation according to your budget and requirements. The agency will also inform you what fees, taxes, and expenses you should get ready for. Besides, they can tell you more about the different neighborhoods and cities. This will allow you to become aware of the real estate market and narrow your expectations as well.

Unless they find a house that will match your requirements, you will NOT have to pay any fee for their services. Afterward a standard minimum commission you will have to pay to a real estate agent is one month rent. If you come across a posting on the Internet that says ‘No Fees’, beware – it might be a cheat.


Find out which areas you like the most




The real estate market is very competitive and your searches of something you’re happy with on sites must be fast, even if you have a help from a real estate agency. The Internet doesn’t always let you understand how the neighborhoods or cities look and feel like. Therefore, this part of your search should take place after your arrival to the Netherlands. Walking around is a good way to find the areas you like. It’s also very useful to talk to the local people to know more about the different areas.

Do some research, interact with people, see as many apartments as you can, be patient and you will find your new home destination abroad.

Good luck!  

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