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Result VS Process

I’ve written a good article defining the difference between “to be done” and “to be doing”. It’s been written in quite a strong language, but surprisingly enough, all bad words used in this article only make it more interesting and vivid (if you’re interested in reading this article, please contact me and I will send you a link. You must be 18+).

The idea is simple. If you’ve got a deadline (or you’ve created such deadline yourself), the result should be delivered on time. That’s it. Simple, ah?
Currently, I’m working out my own fundamental set of rules to interact with my work team. The concept is following: one can close his/her task only when there is no shade of a doubt that a person who’s going to work with this task in the future will spend as little time as it’s only possible to review it. All workers have to adequately estimate their working time.

Surely, from time to time there occur certain circumstances when you just can’t deliver results in the expected period. It should not be a problem. There are many ways in which you can inform your clients/colleagues about such delays.

1) Tell them about it;
2) Ask what distracts him/her from completing the task:
3) Just do it, as simple as that.

However, followers of “Eastern philosophy” think differently.

While walking, you should enjoy your way.

I have to say it does sound reasonable to me. I would recommend everyone to watch a great film “Peaceful warrior” which reflects this concept at its best.

Summing up all the above, it’s got to be said that a battle between “result” and “process” ends in a tie. Passion is the only thing you should focus on while doing something. The result will come immediately.

And you shouldn’t forget about ABC (Always Be Closing):

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