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Top 5 mistakes while choosing an external company

Would you like to attract experienced staff to join your team? Go remote! Arranging remote business will give you an access to extensive expertise, availability of talented experts and scalability, and also save you money, time and energy. However, despite the obvious advantages of setting up a remote business, there are still certain mistakes that business owners keep on doing.

  • They opt for big providers;
  • They try to save on cost;
  • They select “fixed price” model only;
  • They hire teams without making their own estimation;
  • They neglect all references.

If you want to succeed in the market and hire really talented specialists to work remotely, it’s important to follow a few simple recommendations.

Don’t opt for big providers. Being a “top client” is way more important than being “one amongst dozens”.

Don’t search for cheap sources. A miser pays twice, don’t forget about it. Learn to be flexible to offer your employees the best conditions that would satisfy you both.

Don’t judge the team according to somebody’s estimation. People often exaggerate, therefore you need to weed out all the “sweet” estimates to get close to the point.

And the last but not the least recommendation is to always learn all the references. This is the only possible and effective way to check the “karma” of development team.

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