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#truKiev – the first IT recruiting Unconference (

“There was a moment when I realized that I like conferences only for their coffee-breaks. By the time I’ve already got bored of ponderous speeches, powerpoint and apathetic audience. At one of such conferences I gathered a few people and said: c’mon, guys, let’s leave. We went out to the park, sat under the tree and started to talk and share our experience. That was the most useful pastime in my life”.



This is how Bill Borman started his speech, a founder of #truMunity format of Unconferences in recruiting industry. 5 years ago at that very day he decided to found a meeting that would gather supporters and let them share ideas and experience without boring presentations and speakers.

#TRUKIEV is a unique event. It’s the first anti-conference in Ukraine and the first IT recruiting anti-conference in the world. That is why it’s not surprising that not everyone could take part in this event. Only best of the best were invited to participate in the conference and set the tone for discussions.

RelocateMe and Indigo, event organizers, did everything at its best. They’ve managed to gather the right people at the right time. You can see that from the list of track-leaders. Over 150 brilliant minds in IT recruiting industry from England, the Netherlands, Israel, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine have visited the conference to share their experience with others.

3 tracks were open:

  • International – the conference was conducted by international speakers in the English language;
  • Smart – here the guys discussed certain tools, required for a daily work;
  • Local – the key themes for a discussion were the trends and common problems in IT market in Ukraine.

If I could, I would be in all them three at the same time, but unfortunately it’s not possible. But seriously, I didn’t open my laptop even once, however the phone was full of notes with new ideas -that’s the main indicator that the conference was great!

It was truly exciting to hear what the guests from the Netherlands and England had got to say.

At the same time, discussions of our local experts were no less interesting though:

It’s also worth to mention a discussion on the topic “Does the life exist after recruiting?” Earlier on, the main participants of this discussion were recruiters. Today, they are QA specialists, developers, team-leads and managers. This proves that yes, life does exist!

All in all, the event went absolutely brilliant and brought a sea of emotions. Guests could enjoy nice treats from event organizers – ice-cream, berries, pizza, and entertain themselves in a makeshift recruiting museum.

I’m proud to be an organizer of such a wonderful meeting and I’d love to say “thank you” to all the sponsors who have made this event possible. Special thanks to track-leaders for their cool topics and of course, special thanks to all participants!

See you on the next #truKiev event!

PS: besides #truKiev was a great place to make a photo with Bill Boorman and team 🙂

Bill + RelocateMe

Andrew Stetsenko Tech Talents Relocation

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