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What Types Of Relocation Packages IT Companies Abroad Can Offer

So, you’ve nailed your interview down and got a job offer from one of the international IT companies you’ve long dreamed to work for. That’s amazing news! However, it doesn’t mean you should accept that offer from the get-go. Relocating to a new country can open plenty of job opportunities, that’s true, but it can also be stressful and expensive, especially if you’re moving together with your family. That’s why before accepting the job offer, it’s important to find out what your future employer typically offers/provides in terms of relocation support and negotiate your relocation package

What Types of Job Relocation Packages Are Available?

Relocation packages can cover different services and expenses, and may vary from company to company. In fact, they may differ for different employees even within the same company. 

In general, though, relocation packages can be roughly divided into two types – basic and advanced. Usually, basic packages are offered by smaller IT companies and startups that have recently appeared in the market and simply cannot afford to offer comprehensive support and financial aid. That being said, even these companies sometimes can include more perks in the package if you can prove your value to the team. 

When it comes to advanced relocation packages, these can be expected from larger companies comprising 80+ people and offering an influx of tech jobs for multilingual programmers. More often than not, the features of this package will include not only moving support but also on-site assistance (language classes, opening a bank account, etc.) after you relocate.

Basic Relocation Packages

Many software engineers who are willing to kick-start their career growth and be challenged by new tasks and diverse responsibilities are looking for an opportunity to work at startups. The problem? These companies aren’t always able to provide comprehensive relocation assistance and will only partially cover your moving expenses such as by acquiring a work visa or covering the cost of the flight for an employee or an employee and their family. 

This package may also cover assistance in filling out the needed documents and some support for the tax benefits application process (e.g. 30% ruling). That’s basically it. Home moving expenses will need to be taken care of by yourself.

Basic packages aren’t bad by and large, but if you’re relocating together with your family, it will be better to look towards advanced relocation package services that usually offer more expansive relocation features. 

Advanced Relocation Packages

As we’ve noted, if you’re moving together with your family, it’s best to lean towards companies providing a comprehensive relocation package. On, the number of these companies amounts up to 80%, which means chances of finding the right employer for your claim are very high. 

So, what perks does this type of ‘relo’ package usually entail? Many IT companies offer their foreign hires on-site assistance, aiding them with choosing a bank, opening a bank account, sorting insurance, etc. They also can help with adaptation, partially or fully covering the costs of language courses. Plus, once during the first year of your employment, you can expect to get a free plane ticket home. 

Speaking of housing support, many companies will not only reimburse your moving expenses but also assist with searching a home and cover real-estate agent fees. Payment of a rental deposit is also possible, but it may be deducted from the salary later on. 


Of course, this isn’t a full list of all benefits that can be included in your package, but we’ve tried to cover the most typical ones so that you know what questions to ask your potential employer. By asking the right questions and being open with your employer regarding your unique circumstances, you’ll help them identify your needs and secure the best deal for you (and your family) accordingly. 

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