DevOps Engineer, SaaS Berlin, Germany
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DevOps Engineer, SaaS

Berlin, Germany


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About the company:

This company offers an all-in-one admin panel for those who sell something on Amazon. The platform has several versions and includes tools for managing profit, automating PPC campaigns, improving SEO rankings, checking the customer feedback, and so on. Based in Berlin, the company is a part of Amazon's Official Global Solution Provider Network. The product was voted among ‘20 Most Promising E-Commerce Solution Providers’ by CIO Review.

Your Role:

The company's growing DevOps engineering team will be tasked with:

  • Working with Software Development teams to understand the problems they are facing and the solutions they are using. Agree to some architectural standards about how applications are packaged, built and deployed.
  • Creating templates, infrastructure as code and other automation to allow developers to easily implement and manage the chosen solutions.
  • Working with developers to help them move their projects to the new system and learn how to be owners of their code within this new environment.

Your qualification:

  • You have 3+ years' working experience operating production web applications on AWS.
  • You have at least 1 year of working experience with Terraform.
  • You are very comfortable around a UNIX shell, and have experience installing and running Linux.
  • You think like 'Ops' when it comes to Security, high-availability and business continuity. Well managed access keys and tight permission sets get you excited. Passwords in the clear lead to missing heartbeats.
  • You have solid experience using a monitoring system to visualise and make decisions about systems operations. Even better if you have built such a system.
  • You love working with other people and are happy to support lots of engineers without “owning” anything yourself. This is about building DevOps culture and tooling. Not about taking Ops away from Dev.
  • You have recent experience working in a startup, small company, or another somewhat unstructured environment.


Bonus points:

  • You are an expert in CI/CD pipelines and have worked in groups of 30+ developers to build out CI/CD tooling and create the culture that leads to its consistent usage.
  • Your a Linux Kernel/Virtualization Guru.
  • You have solid production experience with containerization (Docker) and container orchestration.
  • You have impressive experience building, architecting and/or operating a microservice-based environment that deals with ingesting and querying terabytes of data each day.
  • You’ve worked in a senior role on production implementations with over 250 virtual machines as well as SQL based databases under heavy load.
  • You're a guru of version control systems (Git), building automation (Maven, Jenkins).
  • You are experienced in managing database-servers and/or working with DBA’s.
  • You are experienced with distributed queues and systems.

Additional information:

Germany has one of the most advanced economies in the EU, which turns your relocation to Berlin into a really great and unique experience. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by generous social security benefits and high quality of life, effective educational, medical and housing systems of the excellent standard. Berlin is a significant IT center that always offers a variety of IT jobs, tech conferences, and educational events to participate in. Many European and global market leaders like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Twitter, Uber, Visa, and Zendesk established their branches or offices in Berlin, so it might be a perfect place for your innovation, education, and constant growth. In addition, excellent national and international transport links give endless opportunities to travel.


For additional details on this role contact - Maria Koval


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DevOps Engineer, SaaS job with relocation support (including visa sponsorship)

Berlin, Germany