Java Developer jobs with relocation to Germany

Looking for a challenging new Java job in Germany? RelocateMe currently has great Senior Java Software Engineer positions available in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Apply and get hired at top tech companies and startups in Germany.

Senior Java Developer

This company executes high-quality, demanding projects for some of the world's leading financial institutions. Becoming part of its team means secure employment offering long-term perspectives for professional and personal development.

Java jobs in Germany are definitely on top now. There are some reasons why:

  • Java is still the number one programming language;
  • EU countries cannot make a boast about the educated professional lump;
  • There are many developers from abroad ready and willing to relocate.

Berlin and Hamburg are great cities with lots of tourists, beautiful places and, for sure, with wide range of openings waiting for an educated and skilled developer with high level of self motivation. Management of German companies are truly ready and looking forward to hiring a foreign professional for open positions they have . It should be reminded that Germany has indeed high level of life standards and one of the greatest medicine minds are also there. Medical insurance is a must for those who relocate.

How to relocate to Germany for a Java job?

To get a rewarding job in Germany you will have to walk through some usual steps. First, prepare your resume to be good enough to interest a recruiter and the employer. Mention all the responsibilities you were in charge of, especially related to the development process. The second one, is to apply for a job you like at; there is a full list of EU jobs. The next step would be several interviews:

  1. With a recruiter from,
  2. With employer’s HR department,
  3. Testing part with a representative of developers team,
  4. Face to face interview with an employer on his territory.

Those who applied for a Java vacancy in Germany, should get a Blue Card EU - a permission for university-educated pro to live and work in the country. Ask your recruiter how to get this card and about the visa sponsorship, this is a good perk for those who are about to relocate.