JavaScript (Node.js) Developer jobs with relocation to Germany

Looking for a challenging new JavaScript (Node.js) job in Germany? RelocateMe currently has great Senior JavaScript (Node.js) Software Engineer positions available in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Apply and get hired at top tech companies and startups in Germany.

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Germany, and especially its biggest cities, like Hamburg and Berlin, are the center of the relocated IT developers. Many openings are now taken by educated and skilled men and women. According to the recent research, where almost 1500 developers were asked, it is obvious that JavaScript is in the top three of the most popular and widespread programming languages in Europe. It is interesting, that JavaScript is usually used in small companies (up to 25 members). A lot of startups are popping up now and, as a result, there are quite a big list where you can choose a JavaScript vacancy in Germany you like.

How to relocate to Germany for a JavaScript job?

If you are ready to change your life and work for better ones, you should definitely visit and take a look at JavaScript jobs in Germany which are highly prized now.This is a recruitment agency with rich list of JavaScript vacancies in EU countries. Representatives of this young company will offer you rewarding open positions you can take. You just ought to apply for a job you find at the website and send your resume. After, you will be offered to have an interview with HR department, then with Developers team in order to check your technical background and the last step, before signing a contract, a personal interview on employer’s territory. Be ready that you will be asked a lot about your personality, because atmosphere inside a team is really important. There is one more fact you should know: it is OK if you do not speak German, but if you do that would be a great advantage among other candidates. You will also need German in your life, supermarkets, restaurants, while shopping etc.