IT jobs with relocation to the Netherlands

Looking for a challenging new developer job in the Netherlands? RelocateMe has a large number of tech jobs available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. All jobs offer relocation assistance.

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Have you chosen to look for visa sponsorship jobs in the Netherlands? That is a great choice. This is the most popular country among developers, administrators, QA specialists and QA Automation engineer. Many cities and especially its capital, Amsterdam, are full of job openings with decent working conditions, salaries and possibilities. Working atmosphere is really important, so management while interviewing you usually pay much more attention to your personality than to your tech skills. Of course, your experience is significant but it’s easier to be checked. Teams are like families and teammates are treated properly.

How to relocate to the Netherlands for an IT job?

You have probably asked this question while checking for IT jobs in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague are the easiest places to relocate to work. You can get a job even without Dutch labor permit (tewerkstellingsvergunning - TWV), but having one will make your relocation simple and fast. There are numeral companies waiting for an educated and experienced team member. Many of them take every step of candidates’ relocation issues under their control. Quite often it is fully company sponsored, the only thing you are expected to do is to provide your personal docs. So it is better if your search request would sound like “work visa sponsorship in The Netherlands” or smth on similarity.

But first, you have to be found by recruiters. So your CV should be available on different sites, social networks, like Linkedin etc, showing your educational base, experience and skills. Do not forget about the language. Nearly always, team consists of people from all around the world, but, still, English is the key to successful communication. Even if you are the only one who don’t know Dutch, the rest of the team will speak English. Thus make sure that you can use it fluently, better not less than an Intermediate level.