PHP Developer Amsterdam, the Netherlands

PHP Developer job with relocation support (including visa sponsorship)

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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PHP Developer

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • php
  • mysql
  • nosql
  • mvc; symfony
  • symfony2
  • zend

About the client:

The company is the largest Dutch hosting provider, included in the top 20 world's leading global Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers.They have followed everlasting Lewis Carroll's words “ Here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” with great dedication and has focused on R&D and adoption of the most cutting-edge technology since the very birth in 1997. Their state-of-art network, great values and extensive expertise has attracted such companies as Starbucks, WIX, Heineken and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and helped them to minimize their IT expenses, foster growth and advance their aspirations. Having more than 60,000 servers, hosted in centers across all over the world, this company truly has no limit and is a deeply interesting one to be part of. Complex project, that will unveil your creativity and enhance your talents, supportive and proactive team await for your open mind and fantastic problem solving skills.

Your Role:

PHP Developer job with relocation to The Netherlands will enrich your life with our multicultural team of people, who are in love with what they do, which is taking care of scalability and automation of the platform. Both cross functionality and Agile-orientation, Scrum base and DevOps philosophy, a strong spirit of innovation define us most. Your role will focus on the development, creation and maintenance of our PHP-based systems but will also involve some of the most complicated tasks. Your PHP Developer position with relocation will give you opportunities to:

  • Assess demands and blueprints;
  • Advancement and maintenance of our products and services;
  • Extend capabilities of our products and adjust it to new hardware;
  • Optimize product performance and improve product usability;
  • Control testing and deployment of our LSW apps in an automated process;
  • Be actively involved in all phases (detailed programming to high-level systems design);
  • Take part in the common Scrum activities;
  • Support our non-technical coworkers and cooperate with various divisions and clients;
  • Register JIRA activities. 

Your qualification:

  • Background of 5 years with PHP5  and OOP as a minimum;
  • Proven expertise designing and executing MySQL database;
  • Mastery of MySQL;
  • Great skills with NoSQL would be appreciated;
  • Seasoned user of revision control systems (Git);
  • Knowledge of MVC;
  • Familiarity with PHP frameworks (Symfony/Symfony2, Zend or CakePHP) would be advantageous;
  • Good grasp of GNU/ Linux environments;
  • Understanding of programming architectures and common Design Patterns;
  • Experimental spirit, eager to master and adopt cutting-edge technologies (distributed systems, NoSQL, caching mechanisms, load balancing, CAP theorem);
  • Familiarity with ISP affiliated technologies like servers’ hardware and cloud technologies would be appreciated;
  • Drive and motivation;
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills;
  • Ready to accept accountability for your product full-time.

Relocation support:

You don't just get a new full-time job, you are becoming part of something bigger - the team, the community, where every single individual matters. We care about you and aim to make your PHP Developer opportunity with relocation to The Netherlands as smooth as possible. That`s why visa application process support, documents consulting, coverage of  flight, visa expenses and living arrangements  for you and your family during the first month is vital part of our support during your relocation process.

Additional information:

Your PHP Developer position with relocation to the Netherlands will take place in the incredible city of surprises - Amsterdam which is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest small cities in the world. Every part of the city has its` own unique character and charm, turning Amsterdam in the fascinating city of tolerance and diversity, where every shade, perspective and character is appreciated. Over the past 10 years, Amsterdam was promoted as a strong region for business and IT culture: it's home to a thriving tech and ICT industry, where the IT professionals not only enjoy the great quality of life but also a wide variety of opportunities and a great environment for self-development and career growth.Your career opportunities for PHP Developer position with relocation await! In addition, the city is easily accessible with fantastic air, rail and road links; there is excellent high-speed rail service connecting Amsterdam to various cities, so the rest of Europe is practically at the end of the street. Amsterdam is the city of opportunity, so you have to be ready when it presents itself.


For additional details on this role contact - Daria Nikitina


Have a great day!

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