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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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About the company:

This startup was started in Amsterdam in 2017 and has since grown into a 50-people strong software consulting company operating in three European countries. The company boasts a team of highly-skilled, emotionally intelligent software engineers from all over the globe. To date, they have successfully delivered several major projects for companies within the financial services sector and beyond.

Your Role:

If you are looking for a Data Engineer job in the Netherlands with lots of room for professional development, this is it! You will have the opportunity to learn, develop yourself, organize events, and even speak at congresses.

As a Data Engineer, you will:

  • Ingest and process the raw data of several large international corporations;
  • Lead teams and create reusable data solutions;
  • Work with large data volumes (and related processing workloads);
  • Advise customers on how to maximize the value of their data.

Your qualification:

  • Profession experience in IT and data engineering;
  • Hands-on knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases;
  • Knowledge of Data Management, Data Processing, and Data Modelling techniques;
  • Experience with cloud-based data services;
  • Knowledge of data management principles and frameworks;
  • Familiarity with metadata concepts and metadata-driven data applications;
  • Experience in Distributed Data Computing and Big Data ecosystems (Teradata, Hadoop);
  • Understanding of data streaming and API solutions;
  • Eхpоsurе tо data quality frameworks and еrrоr mаnаgеmеnt;
  • Experience with different data ingestion and data integration tools and frameworks;
  • Familiarity with data consumption techniques, such as Data Wrangling, Advanced Analytics, Self-Service BI, and Managed BI;
  • Software engineering and programming skills in Python/Scala/Java/C#;
  • Working knowledge of the Spark framework;
  • Good grasp of core cloud concepts (data storage, data connections, APIs, cloud security, etc.);
  • Experience designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud apps and related services;
  • Good command of written and spoken English.

Hice to have:

  • Experience working with Microsoft Azure Data Services (Data Factory, Data Bricks, SQL Data Warehouse);
  • Experience with the Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery);
  • CI/CD and DevOps experience.

Note: Don’t worry about the long list of requirements. If you think you qualify for a Data Engineer role, be sure to apply!


Relocation support:

You don't just get a new full-time job, you are becoming a part of something bigger—the team of awesome techies, the community, where every single individual matters. We care about you and aim to make your IT job abroad and IT relocation as smooth as possible. That’s visa application process support is a vital part of our support as an IT recruitment agency in your job relocation. Moreover, the company hiring you offers a relocation bonus.


Additional information:

This Data Engineer job includes relocation to Amsterdam. Every part of this city has its own unique character and charm. Amsterdam is home to a thriving tech industry and offers a wide variety of opportunities and a great environment for self-development and career growth, not to mention a high quality of life. The 30% rulinga tax advantage for foreign employees working in the Netherlands, makes Amsterdam an attractive work abroad destination. In addition, the city is easily accessible with fantastic air, rail, and road links; there is an excellent high-speed rail service connecting Amsterdam to various cities, so the rest of Europe is practically at the end of the street. 



For additional details on this role contact - Ievgeniia Levachova


Have a great day!

Data Engineer job with relocation support (including visa sponsorship)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands