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About the company:

The company develops and supports the software for clusters management and for managing and using clouds. The company head office is located in USA, California and the Europe head office is located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Being on the market for more than a decade, the company offers software products for different industries and has a set of enterprise solutions. Nvidia, Intel, Syracuse University and many others are among their clients.

Your Role:

Linux Developer position with relocation to the Netherlands is a great opportunity for an expert and enthusiast in this field, because it will include a lot of work on the development of our Linux-based cluster management environment. Your full time position will include responsibility for the development of our Linux based cluster management software with your team. Your Linux Developer job with relocation to the Netherlands lies in :

  • Preparing software stack for new Linux distributions and new CPU architectures;
  • Test, pack and maintain third party software components;
  • Operate software updates;
  • Follow the most recent Linux distribution updates;
  • Manage integration between our software and third party hardware and software;
  • Advance built infrastructure;
  • Develop a few Python based tools and applications.

Your qualification:

  • Master's degree or PhD (the latter preferred) in Computer Science or equivalent field;
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience in the area;
  • Mastery of Python  and experience using Unix shells and related tools (e.g. sed, awk);
  • Sharp problem solving skills and eagerness to learn and apply cutting-edge technology;
  • Knowledge of Linux operating system and its` networking concepts;
  • Familiarity with the most frequently included software into the Linux installation;
  • English language proficiency;
  • Background with high performance computing, clusters, high availability,  OpenStack, Ceph, AngularJS, and software packaging (e.g. RPM spec files) would be beneficial, but is not strictly necessary.

Relocation support:

You don't just get a new full-time job, you are becoming a part of something bigger – the team of awesome techies, the community, where every single individual matters. We care about you and aim to make your IT job abroad and IT relocation as smooth as possible. That’s why visa application process support, document consulting, coverage of flight, visa sponsorship for you and your family are a vital part of our support as an IT recruiting agency in your job relocation

Additional information:

Your Linux Developer position with relocation to the Netherlands will take place in the incredible city of surprises - Amsterdam which is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest small cities in the world. Every part of the city has its` own unique character and charm, turning Amsterdam in the fascinating city of tolerance and diversity, where every shade, perspective and character is appreciated. Over the past 10 years Amsterdam was promoted as a strong region for business and IT culture: it's home to a thriving tech and ICT industry, where the IT professionals not only enjoy the great quality of life but also wide variety of opportunities and great environment for self-development and career growth.Your career opportunities for Linux Developer position with relocation await! At the same time Amsterdam enjoys one of the lowest costs of living of the European capitals and highly skilled migrants coming to the Netherlands to work, a major fiscal benefit is the 30% ruling tax advantage. In addition, the city is easily accessible with fantastic air, rail and road links; there are excellent high-speed rail service connecting Amsterdam to various cities, so the rest of Europe is practically at the end of the street. Amsterdam is the city of opportunity, so you have to be ready when it presents itself.


For additional details on this role contact - Iuliia Shyshka


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Linux Developer job with relocation support (including visa sponsorship)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands