Senior Ruby Developer Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Senior Ruby Developer

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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About the company:

This company was founded back in 2010 with a mission to bring personalized learning to the world. Now, it boasts the fastest-growing learning platform in Europe, used by over 250 organizations and more than 500,000 employees daily. The team strives to help organizations unlock the full potential of their employees, facilitate retaining and transferring knowledge within organizations, and help smooth the transition for new employees in their job and existing employees in new functions.

Your Role:

As a Ruby developer, you will work closely with a team that’s tackling complex questions of scale, architecture and interaction. You will fit in this team if you love to create a product you’re proud to share with your friends and family, if you are willing to take the extra step to transform something that is ‘just good’ into something that delights our clients and ourselves. You will get to:

  • Build things people love;
  • Solve “impossible” problems;
  • Collaborate and brainstorm;
  • Create efficiency;
  • Work with people who care.

Your qualification:

  • Solid experience with one of the languages - Ruby, Java, C#, C++, Python. We build our apps in Ruby on Rails, so we expect at least several years of RoR experience;
  • Experience working in a virtual and devops environments utilizing virtual machines, containers, and continuous integration/deployment tools preferred;
  • Know how to make the tradeoffs required to ship without compromising quality;
  • Realize that automated tests are a worthwhile investment;
  • Appreciate agility and pragmatism in software development;
  • Thrive in a startup environment.

Technologies & Tools you’ll use:

Ruby, RoR, Grape, RSpec, Docker, nginx, SemaphoreCI, MySQL, AWS, JIRA, GitHub

Relocation support:

You don't just get a new full-time job, you are becoming a part of something bigger – the team of awesome techies, the community, where every single individual matters. We care about you and aim to make your IT job abroad and IT relocation as smooth as possible. That’s why visa application process support, document consulting, coverage of flight, visa sponsorship for you and your family are a vital part of our support as an IT recruiting agency in your job relocation.

Additional information:

Amsterdam is widely known as one of the greatest cities in the world. Every part of the city has its` own unique features and charm. Over the past 10 years, Amsterdam was promoted as a strong region for business and IT culture. It's a cradle of thriving tech and ICT industry. The IT professionals may enjoy the high quality of life and great atmosphere for self-development. At the same time, Amsterdam has one of the lowest costs of living among European capitals. Highly skilled foreigners come to the Netherlands for work, a major fiscal benefit is the 30% ruling tax advantage. In addition, the city is easily accessible with fantastic air, rail and road links. There are excellent high-speed rail services connecting Amsterdam to various cities. So, the rest of Europe is practically at the end of the street. Amsterdam is the city of opportunities. You have to be ready when it presents itself.


For additional details on this role contact - Ievgeniia Levachova


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Senior Ruby Developer job with relocation support (including visa sponsorship)

Amsterdam, the Netherlands