DevOps engineer jobs in Europe

Looking for a challenging new DevOps job in Europe? RelocateMe currently has great Senior DevOps Engineer positions available in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands. Apply and get hired at top tech companies and startups abroad.

Senior DevOps Engineer

A Berlin based company is the best platform for wealth and asset managers who are responsible for their clients’ money. This platform is fully customizable which means it is convenient for every customer; it has a great user experience. Visiting this platform the customer understands that clients and their benefit are on the first place. This platform is totally adaptive, flexible and it ensures data protection laws compliance. A team is also manages all digital interfaces and issues from front-end to back-end.
Newest technologies and tools are being used together with highest standards of security.

Senior Engineer (DevOps, SRE)

Founded in 2013 this Berlin-based startup concentrated on producing innovative IoT projects. In the summer of 2014, the company launched a smart vehicle which makes you forget about traffic jams. Сurrently, the software development team is working on cloud infrastructure solutions to connect its smart vehicles to the driver’s personal gadgets and also to offer a number of business solutions both for internal users and for third parties by selling its APIs. It’s vital that the smart mobility platform should be secure as the drivers’ lives depend on your code.

European companies’ interest to DevOps engineer is running high and it is the biggest advantage of this career. According to EMA, about 30% of the companies has already, or are about to provide themselves with DevOps jobs with relocation too. That gives great chances for qualified and experienced people to get their dream IT job with relocation. There are some advantages for the business who has decided to start working at DevOps field. For example:

  1. Quite fast launch to the market (e.g. quick pace of deployment);
  2. Improvement of quality (e.g. less amount of bugs);
  3. Organizational effectiveness promotion (e.g. less time spends to increase a product value to the client), etc.

So having DevOps specialists inside the company definitely improves and speeds up development process.

How to get DevOps jobs in Europe?

Amount of DevOps open positions are running high now, thanks to its wide specialization.

You can check possible vacancies at This recruitment agency has all the information and details about DevOps openings with relocation. You should only send them your CV and wait till they contact you. It will not take much time to examine your resume.

There are some facts you should know about DevOps job:

  • It is necessary to have technical education or rich background of tech knowledge;
  • Have a clue about system administration and varied tasks automatization issues;
  • Be resistant to stress and able to work under the pressure;
  • Have an analytical mind-set;
  • Have an ability not to give up even at tight corner.

Specialist are attracted to this kind of job, considering that they have total tasks load. DevOps jobs in Europe truly have increased popularity at present time. There are many developers who has jumped into DevOps position and are happy with the made decision. X-factor is one of the most interesting things about DevOps, it makes this job exciting and inspiring. Routing is the only thing you will never get while being a DevOps specialist.