DevOps engineer Jobs with relocation

DevOps Engineer

Alike “Great leaders inspire greatness in others”, this software solutions company inspires innovation and digital transformation in the world. They have won trust and devotion of numerous startups and corporates. By directing creative spark and sharp expertise of more than 150 digital business masterminds in Berlin and New York, London and Paris. Through building long-lasting partnerships with European Commission and Fraunhofer. And adopting a Fair Company principles. Company’s state of art software has helped to solve the needs of GameGenetics and ZYLIA, Brandinvest and others. On the other hand, aspiring approach towards their team has helped to take the top place as one of the most attractive employers in Germany.

  • devops
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • swarm
  • load balancers
  • cloud providers
  • network technologies

Senior DevOps Engineer

Berlin-based fintech company of 250 masterminds launches 4-6 ventures per year, operates in 10 countries and is determined to reshape the world of finance. The company takes immense care of every business idea they are trusted with and do the best to translate its brilliance and vision into the best technological solution. A perfect mix of strong expertise and sharp innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated professionalism of a team allows not only to attract necessary investment and talent but also develop refined and sustainable solutions. It is a talented, devoted and ambitious squad of professionals from more than 30 countries and you are able to expand the horizons even further.

  • linux
  • docker
  • aws
  • bash
  • scm
  • puppet
  • chef
  • ansible
  • ci
  • kafka