Java jobs in Europe

Looking for a challenging new Java job in Europe? RelocateMe currently has great Senior Java Software Engineer positions available in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands. Apply and get hired at top tech companies and startups abroad.

Senior Full Stack Engineer (Java + Angular)

This is a Munich-based company dealing with indoor positioning. Their product is being used in more than 25 countries around the world, different customers starting with real estate sphere to manufacturing and museums are satisfied with it, more than 30 company-partners has already tried this indoor technology. Visiting this site clients can calculate floor space online, build visualization without any additional software installation, 3D building is also can be done. Every industry can find something they need at this indoor positioning industry. Almost 150 people are currently working in this company in Munich and, recently opened, New York headquarters.

Senior BackEnd Software Engineer (Java (f/m)

This Berlin-based company has been changing the food-delivery industry since 2011.
More than 1000 team members work here, do their best and share their experience. First-rate investors are also the part of this start-up; they have already raised $1 billion to support this idea. This company is named World’s biggest network in this industry. The platform offers lots of choices with minimum efforts: online order and payment, any food desire can be met.

Software Engineer (Serverless and Backend)

The company is the European market leader in smart climate control solutions. Its smartphone app enables millions of people across Europe to remotely control heating and cooling at home. Thanks to the flagship geolocation feature, the app automatically senses when nobody is at home, turns down the heating/air conditioning and thus enables its households to save on energy costs. As soon as one of the residents starts to return home, the app reacts immediately and turns everything back the way it was. Established in 2011, the company has raised about €50 million in funding to date. Over 150 employees contribute every day to the success of the company.

Software Engineer (Java/Kotlin)

This Berlin-based company offers a unique service in digital marketing industry. They work internationally and have millions of requests a day. This platform is growing and developing every day; they have clients from all over the world, huge amount of data is handled. 24/7 support, different versions are also offered.

Java Developer

The company is a worldwide leader in business developing projects, such as motivating employees and customer momentum. It has been successfully working for more than 15 years on this market and it cooperates with lots of other partners all over the world. They are looking for and find ways of improving teamwork and business achievements. The company provides the greatest solutions creating different kinds of award programs for the exact client taking into account all the business key features.

That is not a secret anymore that well-educated developers are in high demand in Europe nowadays and that opens doors for you, who is ready and dreaming to get one of good Java jobs with relocation. Java is definitely takes leading positions among the long APL list. So many openings are available and easy to access. Such popularity is totally reasonable:

  • Java has been in operation since 1995 so it had enough time to become improved and wide-spread;
  • There are over 9 million of Java-developers now;
  • Java Platform Standard Edition 8 is the latest edition;
  • This APL is sought-after thanks to its multi-zone application;
  • Having learnt this language and related stuff, you can successfully start your career with relocation.

Java Jobs in Europe are not only a possibility to change a view outside your window it is also a way to improve and develop your working and personal skills.

How to get Java jobs in Europe?

Are you a Java Developer? Looking forward to getting a Java job in Europe? Congrats, you are in the right place. A half of the way to your better future is already done. is a recruitment agency, who will help you through the application and interviews process; they will find you a place about open positions with relocation to Europe, responding all requirements of yours and do their best to relocate you and your family to one of the EU countries. Everything you need now is to send your resume to; but do not forget to check if it shows all the related to Java Development the smallest details. Then use your time to fresh-up your technical knowledge and English skills, it must be not less than Intermediate. Do not neglect this piece of advice if you really want to move for other country within Europe.

Java market is in bloom now, so there are lots of positions to be covered by skillful, experienced and educated developers. Working environment is also quite important, it means that you will be asked a lot about your personality. But put away all the fears you have and turn to