JavaScript (Node.js) jobs in Europe

Looking for a challenging new JavaScript (Node.js) job in Europe? RelocateMe currently has great Senior JavaScript (Node.js) Software Engineer positions available in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands. Apply and get hired at top tech companies and startups abroad.

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Have you known that market of JavaScript jobs in Europe are running high? The reason of such interest is clear and understandable: JavaScript is one of the most widespread and common language of programming? It is accompanied by Java and Python. Those are results of the latest research; 1300 developers from 27 countries took part in it. JavaScript came out of ECMAScript in far 1995 and it had been developing since that times till the current view. Python and Java influenced JS and, thanks to them, it is absolutely comfortable and easy to be used by users without special education.

One of the JS advantages is wideness of its application field:

  • Test-editor programs;
  • PC, mobile and server applications;
  • Application Software,

and the biggest pro is that there is no present-day browser which is able to operate without JavaScript.

It is interesting, that JS is a leader language in smaller and younger companies and startups. It means, that teams consist of younger people, management is more flexible and open to new ideas. As we know, EU countries are flourishing now, startups are a dime a dozen there having lots of openings and that is why search for JavaScript jobs with relocation to one of the European countries is reasonable.

How to get JavaScript jobs in Europe?

There are thousands of people who are willing to relocate to another country, but having no job that is not really easy. If you are an educated, enthusiastic and ambitious expert, those features would be beneficial in work search. Nevertheless, we can offer you some tips to closer to an JavaScript job in Europe:

  1. You should look through your CV (resume) and make it clear. It would be better if it has in-depth development related info.
  2. Upgrade your English at least till Intermediate level. If your dream country is Germany or Austria, please, start learning German, that is a great plus in the eyes of German-speaking employers.
  3. Be ready to interviews and tests.
  4. Contact They will, certainly, provide you with answers and support about open positions with relocation to Europe till you get the job you are looking for. This recruitment agency is tuned about openings in Europe with relocation.

Those pros, who have already moved to EU members countries, say that recruiters do vast majority of document work, set up interviews, share about possible hidden issues, which can appear on the way to relocation. They can offer you wider range of places (vacancy) which are good for living and working according to your requirements.