Ruby on Rails jobs for developers with relocation

Ruby is the coding language that is in high demand with such companies as Amazon, BBC, Cisco, CNET, IBM, JP Morgan, NASA, and Yahoo, that has a very promising trend growth of the Ruby jobs market. IT jobs in EU offer great variety of choice for talented software engineers. Ruby developer jobs provide software developers, who are willing to undertake job relocation with a great support (visa sponsorship etc) and opportunities on their tech position, as:

  • unique and challenging projects;

  • competitive software engineer salaries;

  • interesting bonuses as flexible timetable,

  • educational events.

It`s worth taking full advantage of diverse Ruby on Rails jobs in Europe, that will give you a chance to find your dream tech job in the heart of EU.


Senior Backend Engineer (Ruby)

This company was founded in the UK in 2013 and now its operating from Berlin. A young encryption software startup enables millions of people worldwide to safely browse websites. As well as unblock them from other countries. Its diverse team of highly skilled experts from around the globe (who are united by their passion to see Internet free and open) tirelessly works to bring users the privacy and security they deserve online. Started from a browser extension for Google Chrome and versions for Android & iOS, a company currently serves more than 7 platforms. Its undoubtedly successful Internet security solution has reached 25M download mark. And it was in just a few years while the company was constantly raising funds for development of its new top-notch products.

  • ruby
  • ruby on rails
  • apis
  • capistrano
  • unit testing
  • postgres
  • redis

Backend Developer

Meet a new TV on Demand service, founded in 2015, which does things differently. You will join a multinational team, work with leaders in their field and be able to use a multi-disciplinary approach to getting the right decision. If you are already in the Czech Republic or you are an EU citizen, you have all chances to take this job. In each new market, the company breaks into, it faces and solves difficult problems which nobody else has cracked yet, by adapting its proposal to the needs of each new market. The company is patronized by the global media and Internet group of South Africa. This group has technology investments and operations in more than 130 markets.

  • #ruby
  • #rails
  • #java #go #tvondemand

Senior Back-end developer (Ruby)

“People with great passion make impossible things happen” and if to trust this quote this online auction platform is doing the impossible on the daily basis. 8 years of history has proved to be successful and allowed it to accumulate the team of 400 driven professionals and achieve global brand representation across all Europe, what proves to be just a very beginning. Beyond giving more than 13 million users a month access to the great variety of special subjects, it has accumulated some exceptional treasures from the vintage cars and world-class art to meteorites and skeletons of great historical value, what allows them to sell more than 35,000 pieces a week. It proved to be world’s 1st most rapidly developing technology companies in 2015, attracting more than €70 million of investment, turning it into the most-invested and promising startup in the Netherlands. Contribute with your sharp talent and sound expertise to this strong and bright team and make another list of impossibles possible together.

  • ruby on rails
  • mysql
  • a/b testing
  • redis
  • solr
  • jquery
  • git

Senior Software Engineer (Ruby)

Since 2014 this cutting-edge sleep startup headquartered in New York has been successfully reinventing the way mattresses are built and sold. Operating just 2 years, the company has become one of the fastest growing consumer brands ever known. With more than 100 full-time employees and $100M in revenue for 2015, the company is currently expanding its presence in Europe as well as a product line. Casper's “inventions” are already enjoyed by 100,000+ owners worldwide. You have a great chance to share the company’s success joining its ambitious team in Berlin as a Software Developer!

  • ruby
  • reils
  • coffeescript
  • sass
  • postgresql
  • git

Ruby Software Developer

Alike “Great leaders inspire greatness in others”, this software solutions company inspires innovation and digital transformation in the world. By directing creative spark and sharp expertise of more than 150 digital business masterminds in Berlin and New York, London and Paris, through building long-lasting partnerships with European Commission and Fraunhofer, adopting a Fair Company principles, they have won trust and devotion of numerous startups and corporates. Our state of art software has helped to solve the needs of GameGenetics and ZYLIA, Brandinvest and etc. On the other hand, aspiring approach towards their team has helped them to take the top place as one of the most attractive employers in Germany.

  • ruby
  • rest
  • js
  • tdd
  • ci
  • sinatra
  • ror
  • nosql
  • xml

Ruby Tech Lead

TrustYou, the world’s largest guest feedback platform, is on a mission to improve the travel experience, from finding the right hotel to having the perfect stay. The company works with hotels, destinations, and travel websites to make that happen. TrustYou analyzes hundreds of millions of travel reviews scattered across a vast, fragmented market and transforms this content into actionable insights and data visualizations for 500,000 hotels. This enables travel sites to improve the trip planning process and hotels to offer the best experience to their guests.

  • ruby
  • javascript
  • python
  • elixir
  • algorithms