Ruby on Rails jobs in Europe

Looking for a challenging new Ruby job in Europe? RelocateMe currently has great Senior Ruby Software Engineer positions available in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands. Apply and get hired at top tech companies and startups abroad.

Senior Ruby Developer (High load)

The platform with millions of transactions for recharging accounts in various services from App Store & iTunes or Google Play, to call credit operators or prepaid credit card providers worldwide.

Ruby Back-End Developer

This German startup has been reshaping the insurance industry since 2015. With its smartphone app, you can explore, purchase and manage insurance without having to meet with a broker face-to-face and deal with all that paperwork. Initially launched as a digital insurance broker, the company is now actively developing its own digital insurance products. The team has recently raised €15 million in a Series A funding and can already boast more than 85k customers.

It is often asked whether to learn Ruby or not? Usually developers are concerned about that because they do not are there enough Ruby jobs in Europe, is it difficult to learn this language etc. Ruby is constantly developing APL (a programming language) and there many fields of use: Homebrew, Chef, Rails (the most popular) and Vargant. Europe is now filled with Ruby openings, because Ruby code is understandable even for non-programmers; it is easy to start working on Ruby, especially if you have experience working with other programming languages. If you are not familiar with Ruby yet, so it is time to meet it; you can do it even by yourself. The Internet if over packed with firmly structured information, so, surely, there is an answer to your question. EU countries can offer a long list of Ruby vacancies now. The most detailed information about open positions are available at recruitment agency

How to get Ruby jobs in Europe?

If you can call yourself a Ruby Developer it is not a secret for you that English is vital. Almost all the reliable sources, useful information and articles are in English. By the way this is a basic language of international Ruby community. If your English is at least Intermediate, to find a Ruby job with relocation to Europe is much easier. First of all, interviews and tests are in English. The great majority of employers are English-speaking, so for better understanding of the requirements and good communication, you must use one language.

Oftentimes people choose one or two countries which they would like to relocate to. That is a common mistake making the IT job search longer and harder. But comes to help as a rescue team. They can offer you more countries with wider range of positions. You just send your resume (CV) and they will contact you for further cooperation.

Don’t hesitate, apply now. If you are a well-educated and experienced pro, there will not be many troubles to get a dream-job with relocation to a better place.