Golang jobs offering relocation

Looking for a challenging new job abroad as a Software Developer? RelocateMe has a large number of tech jobs available in the most flourishing tech cities in Europe. All jobs offer relocation and, if necessary, visa sponsorship.


Backend Engineer

This Munich-based company has been producing special wearables that help employees work faster, safer and in a quality manner since 2014. This product is a real catch for those who work in logistics and in manufacturing. This start-up has already covered the European market and is about to enter Canada and US one. They have many awards like the Intel “Make It Wearable” Challenge, Best of Munich, Innovation World Cup and many others. Today this business consists of 90 open-minded team players whose mission is to connect workers to the industrial IoT.

Software Development Engineer

This Berlin-based company has made a product which has an ability to understand what the buyer wants. This product will push retail to an absolutely new, high and efficient level. Thanks to the latest technologies and tools this artificial intelligence is able to analyze purchase histories of the customers and than it offers the best option. The team consists of experienced and neat craftsmen with inducement to get consumers’ behaviour and to build future of retail. Leading tech investors with 8-figure investments support this business.