Kotlin jobs offering relocation

Looking for a challenging new job abroad as a Software Developer? RelocateMe has a large number of tech jobs available in the most flourishing tech cities in Europe. All jobs offer relocation and, if necessary, visa sponsorship.


Freelance Backend Software Engineer (Go/Java)

This company was founded in 2020 with the goal of helping people be better by managing their money more wisely. The startup works with fintech firms that deliver best-in-class financial-related services. The team offers them support in all elements that play a role in the commercialization of a platform, varying from design and development to on/offline advertising to optimize the client funnel.

Kotlin is a safe and tools-friendly programming language for modern multi platform applications. This APL is extremely practical and comfortable for developers. This is why there are a lot of Kotlin jobs online. Having this skill and experience working with it in your resume will make you much more attractive candidate among others who do not work with Kotlin. Nowadays Europe is absolutely open for skilled professionals from abroad (such as Android). If you are not a resident of one of the EU countries but you know a lot of tools and technologies you will surely find a good IT job with relocation. You could be surprised how many opening are now available. You can try to look for a work by yourself but if you apply for a job via recruitment agency, Relocateme.eu, your relocation will take less time and efforts.

How to get Kotlin jobs with relocation?

If you have already decided to hold a Kotlin position with relocation, you should know something. Relocating process is not that easy to do with no help from the outside. There could a lot of hidden troubles. So the best option is to use services of Relocateme.eu. They have a long list of open vacancies in reliable companies. The team of this recruiting agency will consult interview you, then they will redirect you to HR team of an employer and then to Developers team. All the interviews will be in English, so you should be prepared. Do not forget to ask your recruiter about the relocation perks, lodgings, visa sponsorship and other possible bonuses. You may also need a labor permit, but that depends on country you are about to move for. If you are a dedicated and self-motivated developer with much experience there will not be any troubles while getting a job.