Machine learning jobs offering relocation

Looking for a challenging new job abroad as a Software Developer? RelocateMe has a large number of tech jobs available in the most flourishing tech cities in Europe. All jobs offer relocation and, if necessary, visa sponsorship.

machine learning 

Software Developer

This company has been making its huge contribution to the future of the energy industry since 2016. The startup can help customers in producing green energy on their own rooftops. They not only install the batteries but the planning and design are also included. This company had been working for 1 year and they were awarded as a Leader of the Norway market in solar cells sale field. One of the main goals of this business is to make it very easy to buy and install these panels on a roof. Quite a big amount of reliable investors support the startup. The next step is to cover several new markets in Europe.

Senior Python Engineer

Is your back in pain? Do you suffer from it chronically? Nothing helps? Keep reading :)
This company has been on the market since 2016 and they are more than successful. The product they offer is quite a thing: it changes people's lives but reducing the back pain. How is that possible? The application they made is a set of the body-mind therapy which is proven clinically. It also has a special innovative feature: it tells you if you do the exercise well or you should correct something. The medical industry is now the fastest growing and this product will change and improve digital health.