Ror jobs offering relocation

Looking for a challenging new job abroad as a Software Developer? RelocateMe has a large number of tech jobs available in the most flourishing tech cities in Europe. All jobs offer relocation and, if necessary, visa sponsorship.


Backend Developer

The company is based in the heart of Germany, its capital, Berlin. It was founded in the end of 2012 by two men with one vision how to develop and improve the current way of travelling by bus. Thanks to their job to book a bus ticket is now as easy as to book a flight. This tech travel startup is known and popular in more than 25 Asian and European countries. This business has a lot of partners like travel agencies, resellers and websites. It is growing rapidly and willing to reach new levels in the industry, to bring the product to worldwide interest and demand.

Ruby on Rails is being used in different industries, startups, non-commercial organiĐĆations and in big business. Such popularity of this framework is giving a wide range of RoR jobs. RoR is a complete multi tiered framework to build web applications which use databases. This is not an easy programming language and usually to work with it you should have experience working with other languages. There is a lot of information online about how to work with RoR, and probably your question has already been solved by someone before. According to a research Ruby programmers are about 25-28 years old, they are experienced, with deep knowledge and high level of self-motivation. So if you have the necessary skills and desire to improve your technical skills, there will not be many troubles for you to find a good job.

How to get RoR jobs with relocation?

Europe is definitely looking for and open to hire skillful developers to cover RoR position with relocation. To join one of the best companies where you are able to show your experience, help in product development and take it to the next level, you just need to apply for a suitable job with your resume at This recruitment agency is working with main EU companies helping them to get the best candidate. A representative of this company will contact you and interview a little. The next step is going to be interviews with HR and Development teams. Be ready that your personal skills could be tested more than the technical ones, because the atmosphere inside teams are vital. So if you know your stuff well and you are willing to relocate, take a look at the list of vacancies at website and be ready to a new beginning at your successful career.