Top 30 Candidates - June, 2019

Top candidates 2018:
Top candidates 2019:
Title Country Experience Technologies Worked before in Willing to relocate
C# Developer New Zealand 10 years C#, .NET, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Less, ASP.NET Core Web API FinTech, Transportation, Travel The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, UK
Python Developer the Netherlands 8 years Python, Django, Django Rest, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, Linux Software, HR Tech Germany, Sweden
Java Developer Portugal 14 years Java SE, JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, AJAX, Velocity, SOAP, REST, Hibernate FinTech, E-Commerce, Transportation Germany, Austria
PHP Developer Italy 15+ years PHP, web services, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, Angular, Bootstrap FinTech, SaaS, Software The Netherlands, Germany
Automation QA Engineer Germany 15+ years HP LoadRunner, VSTS, Rational Performance Tester, CA Wily Introscope, HP Sitescope, Dynatrace E-Commerce, SaaS, Software The Netherlands, Austria
JavaScript Developer Serbia 8 years JavaScript, TypeScript, Elixir, React, React Native, Electron, Redux, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB Cryptocurrency, Payments The Netherlands, Sweden, UK
Ruby Developer Russia 6 years Ruby, RoR, PostgreSQL, RSpec, AJAX, Redis, JSON, JavaScript, Linux, Sass FinTech, IoT, Big Data Germany, Austria
Python Developer Ukraine 10 years Python, JavaScript, AWS, Django, Vue.js, Postgresql, Nginx, MongoDB FinTech, E-Commerce, IoT The Netherlands, Germany, Austria
Front-end Developer Estonia 6 years JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, CSS, LESS, jQuery, NodeJS, MeteorJS Software, Messaging The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria
PHP Developer Romania 11 years PHP, JavaScript,Python, Laravel, Symfony, Angular, TDD, SOLID E-Commerce, IoT, Games The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
C++ Developer the Netherlands 12 years C++, C#, unity3d, MATLAB, Linux, Clang, CMake, Jenkins Payments, Automation Germany, Sweden, Austria
Golang/PHP Developer Germany 13 years PHP, Zend Framework, Go, MySql, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, REST API FinTech, E-Commerce, SaaS The Netherlands, Sweden
JavaScript Developer the Netherlands 8 years JavaScript, React.js, Ember.js, Node.js, PHP, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sphinx, Backbone.js FinTech, HR Tech, Supply Chain Germany, Sweden, Austria
PHP Developer the United Kingdom 7 years PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, Laravel, Symfony, Angular Mobile, Travel The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
DevOps Engineer Russia 9 years Linux systems, Docker, Ruby, Python, Bash, NodeJS, CI, Gitlab, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Payments Germany, Sweden, Austria
C# Developer Russia 12 years C#, .NET, WPF , MSSQL, ASP.NET, TypeScript, React Software, Security The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
Java Developer Estonia 13 years Java, Groovy, C++, Python, TDD, automated testing systems E-Commerce, IoT, Software The Netherlands, Sweden
Front-end Developer Poland 6 years JavaScript, React, HTML, jQuery, CSS, PHP, FTP Server, Mail Server, Cpanel, MySQL E-Commerce, Software Germany, UK, Austria
Python Developer Russia 7 years Python, C/C++, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Swagger, Erlang E-Commerce, Software The Netherlands, Germany
Java Developer Germany 8 years Java, Spring, Rest API, Jenkins, Tomcat, Cassandra, Microsoft Azure, Hibernate E-Commerce, Mobile The Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Austria
C# Developer the United Kingdom 15+ years C#, VB.Net, C, JavaScript, Bootstrap, ASP.NET Core FinTech, SaaS, Software The Netherlands, Austria
Golang Developer Ukraine 7 years Golang, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Bootstrap, Maven, ReactJS, Flask Software, Messaging Germany, Austria
Java Developer Russia 14 years Java, EJB, Servlets, Groovy, Grails, MongoDB, JavaScript, AJAX, Tomcat, Eclipse FinTech, Software The Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Austria
PHP Developer Poland 7 years PHP, Symfony, REST, Soap, Angular, Node.js, Bootstrap, React, golang E-Commerce, Software, Retail The Netherlands, Germany
C++ Developer Russia 14 years C++, C, ARM, Java, Assembler, STL, SCL, ATL, COM, Oracle, MySQL, InterBase SaaS, Automation The Netherlands, Sweden, UK
Python Developer Belarus 9 years Python, JavaScript, Angular, Zend Framework, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Wordpress E-Commerce, Games, Software Germany, Austria
JavaScript Developer the United Kingdom 15+ years Node.js, JavaScript, JSON, XML, Scala, Shell Scripting, Python IoT, Software The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Austria
C++/C Developer Germany 9 years C++, C, C#, PostgreSQL, Bitbucket, Jenkin, Gradle IoT, Games, Software The Netherlands, UK, Austria
Android Developer Ukraine 7 years Android SDK, Kotlin, Java, RxJava, RxAndroid, Mockito E-Commerce, Mobile, Messaging The Netherlands, Sweden
Data Engineer Poland 10 years Spark, Hadoop, Databricks, Jupyter, Zeppelin, RStudio, Apache NiFi, Cloudera FinTech, E-Commerce, Software The Netherlands, Germany, Austria

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